video | L$D • don’t smoke my blunt bitch

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L$D: Grimes, Tragik, Kreayshawn, Blood Diamonds. The song was made in less than 10 minutes (according to the video description). Video (by Tragik) shot in L.A. Trippy as we know them!

mp3 | GRIMES • oblivion

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Everbody’s darling Claire Boucher a.k.a. Grimes is cementing her status as the next big thing in the indie music scene. After last year’s releases Greidi Primes and Halfaxa and her Split-EP with D’Eon this year, Claire is now prepping her next full-length effort and gives away a first teaser:

“Oblivion” is a hypnotic, bumping gem that is extremely catchy. This definitely makes me looking forward to the album. Visions will be out on January 31 via Arbutus.

mp3 | Oblivion


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mp3 | Vanessa

video | D’EON • transparency

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Gorilla vs. Bear
premiered this fascinating video for “Transparency”, a song by Montreal’s Chris d’Eon, this morning. It is extremely bizarre but also quite appropriate to the 80′s and 90′s inspired sound. Directed by and featuring Claire Boucher aka Grimes.

mp3 | Transparency