mp3 | TOY CAMERA • summer days

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Summer’s coming to an end here in Switzerland. Unfortunately. But this new hazy gem by our beloved synth-popsters Toy Camera – consisting of Drew Harris (Germany Germany) and Steph Thompson (Steffaloo) – brings back all the good memories of this time.

The duo’s magnificent Blissful Youth EP is avaliable for free download on Bandcamp since today. Here’s the track plus another one called «Tall Trees» – which has already been released some weeks ago.

mp3 | Summer Days
mp3 | Tall Trees

mp3 | GERMANY GERMANY • take your time / reflections

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Everytime you get a new song by Drew Harris a.k.a. GERMANY GERMANY, you can be sure that he’s done it even better than the last time. His two new songs called “Take Your Time” and “Reflections”, which he’s giving away for free again, bear witness of another big step he made.

Squealy guitars, synths, effects and a lot of love for music – This is what these two gems are made of. Perfect soundtrack for… well, almost everything.

mp3 | Take Your Time

mp3 | Reflections

guerolitoexclusive | interview with GERMANY GERMANY

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You might remember our post about Canadian electronica producer Drew Harris a.k.a. GERMANY GERMANY. He’s about to release his 3rd album called Radiowave, accompanied by a free eight song album called Last Summer, which shows the quiet side of the band. We’re proud to present you an exclusive interview with Drew Harris and also of having the rights to post a great & exclusive song off Last Summer. Enjoy!

guerolitomusic: Hi Drew. So tell me about GERMANY GERMANY, who are the people behind this project?

Drew Harris: The music behind Germany Germany (songwriting, instrumentation, production) is done by myself, though I have called in more talented friends to lay down some tracks.  Vocals are predominantly done by Jessica Morgan and myself.  When I started this project in January, I had never sung in my life – Electrolove, our second release, was my first time doing vocals.  I kind of like the sound of Jess and my vocals together though.  I’ve been attempting to branch out with vocalists, mainly because Jessica has been busy, but I keep coming back to her.  You might say that I’m the music behind Germany Germany and she is the voice.

guerolitomusic: GERMANY GERMANY is quite a special name for a musical project. Do you have any relations with Germany that you name it twice?

D.H.: Haha.. I get this question a lot. I actually have no relation to Germany whatsoever. Berlin just seems like this magical, artistic place that I was obsessed with for a while. Ratatat’s song “Germany to Germany” may have been a bit of the inspiration as well. I’m still hoping to travel to Germany next summer. “Germany Germany” in Germany.

guerolitomusic: Who is your main inspiration for you and your music?

D.H.: Musically? It’s hard to know, really. Musicians, myself included, kind of draw in all their various influences and attempt to create something original, which is often just a mixture of said influences. I listen to a lot of stuff, from New Order to Futurecop! to Daft Punk to The Flaming Lips… the list could go on. I don’t know if this comes out at all though.

guerolitomusic: Some songs off “Radiowave” remind me of Crystal Castles and sometimes of Swedens own Slagsmålsklubben. Are these bands influences for the songs of GERMANY GERMANY?

D.H.: Mm… Crystal Castles.  I do enjoy listening to Crystal Castles, though based on their public image and notoriety for using samples and such without acknowledgement, I don’t have a lot of respect for them.  Maybe some of the chiptune-y samples I use are somewhat inspired by them… but maybe not.  I’m not sure.  I have an awful lot of respect for Slagsmalsklubben though – Boss for Leader is one of my favourite albums.

guerolitomusic: You’re releasing two records at once. What made you do that?

D.H.: Well, I originally thought I’d release Radiowave in the summer and Last Summer in the fall.  I finished Radiowave in August, but due to the whole commercial distribution thing it had to wait until October.  I had a few ideas for Last Summer, but decided about 3 weeks ago that I would write and produce a free album to release at the same time.  I like releasing things for free – much less stress to be perfect when there’s no profit involved.  I also have no inspiration to make money from my music – that’s what jobs are for.  I just want people to enjoy what I’m doing and not have to open their wallets to do so.

guerolitomusic: What are plans for your near future? Are you concetrating on university or GERMANY GERMANY?

Hah. I wish I knew. I’m doing a semester off classes right now, which is partly why I’ve had the time to do Last Summer. Starting in January I’m going back to full-time classes, so the project’s going to be a bit quiet for a while. I say that, but it’s probably not true. Part of me wants to stay put and finish my undergrad, part of me wants to take some time off, move to Vancouver (or Europe), and make this top priority. Time will tell. Specifically speaking, I’ve got another album idea. I’d love to say that I’ve released 5 full length albums in 1 year. I think it’s going to be called “Adventures”, but that’s all I know at this point. No clue where it’s going to go. Say “Yes!” to adventure.

Radiowave is released on THaF Records via Itunes and all other major
online retailers from October 27th. Stream it here! Last Summer is available for download here, for free!

mp3 | Too Much To Say | Highly Recommended!

Germany Germany – We Are Free (EP – 2010)

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The band’s name may sound like an ode to the Alemannians, but in fact Drew Harris, the man behind Germany Germany is hailing from Canada. Still in his very early twenties, Drew shows no fear of experimenting with all sorts of (electronic) sounds and masterly combines them with his guitar and female voices. If I had to define his style of music it would be something between Crystal Castles and Swedens own Slagsmålsklubben and as I like these two bands a lot, Germany Germany doesn’t do much wrong.

Drew is currently working on his next & third album, called Radiowave, and he’s releasing the first 5 songs for free! Get the EP below!

mp3 | Radiowave

link | We Are Free – EP