new on the map | CHEERLEADER

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Cheerleader are a Hartford based two-piece who make finest lo-fi electronica. Well, at least that’s what you can draw from their first release on their bandcamp.

The release contains two songs which both are perfect examples for refreshing pop tunes that automatically put the listener in a cozy mood. There isn’t any other info on the band so far, so if you should figure out the link to their facebook page, tell me!

Download the two songs below (“Dreamer” maybe is one of the best tunes of this month so far!) and look forward to new stuff by Cheerleader.

mp3 | Dreamer

mp3 | New Daze

new on the map | FISHING

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FISHING is the pseudonym of Sydney-based production duo Doug Wright & Russell Fitzgibbon who have already scored supports with Cloud Control, Jonothan Boulet and Dappled Cities.

Some of their tunes are already more than a year old, but somehow I totally missed them while they were making their way through the blogosphere.

Their mellow jams and sophisticated remixes totally made my week, being a great bonus to the hot and sunny weather. (And be sure to watch their beautiful video for “Watersport” below.)

mp3 | OOOO

mp3 | Watersport

mp3 | Jonathan Boulet – You’re A Animal (Fishing Remix)

new on the map | WET WINGS

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Haven’t had a mail from New Zealand in my inbox for a long time. All the more I was happy to find one by Darian Woods of Christchurch based indie-pop duo Wet Wings. Listening to their tunes it’s hard not to fall in love with the sound.

The band has a new album called Glory Glory coming on July 4th, full of beautyfully arranged, dreamy indie pop with a healthy dose of electronic sounds. Make sure to pre-order the album on their bandcamp or via Lil’ Chief Records.

mp3 | Feeeel It

mp3 | Stockholm

new on the map | THE FRIDGE

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The Fridge is one of those acts who have come from nowhere. Well almost. Being part of Swiss alternative rock band mnevis, Chris Müller has already quite a good reputation.

But nobody would have expected him to release a debut album of such pure awesomeness. Digital Dilletantism easily raises the standard of Swiss pop music to another level, combining beautiful melodies with spherical and experimental sounds. All that accompanied by Chris’ soft voice.

The entire record is available for a price of your own choice at their homepage. I can only recommend it to you, check out three of my favourite songs below.

mp3 | The System Has No System

mp3 | Gin With Lime

mp3 | Yourehumananditsnotenough

new on the map | SHADY AND THE VAMP

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REATARDS-Rippers, BLACK LIPS-Shingalings and FATALS-Distortion.

According to the information given on the page of Shady And The Vamp‘s record label Monavale, this is what the guys’ music is all about. Well maybe that’s right, but like this it sounds like they were a cover band.

Just forget the description above and concentrate on Shady And The Vamp’s music itself. The three Lucerne based lads play good old-fashioned Garage Rock with ample punk influences.

The songs of their debut 7” are available for download below.

mp3 | Baby, I’m Gonna Make You Mine

mp3 | Bologna

new on the map | JAZZO & MELODIESINFONIE

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Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie are a young production duo from Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by artists such as Flying Lotus or Shlomo they started doing beats last year and now seem to have found their independent sound.

Considering that the two lads are only 17 years old, it’s incredible what they deliver on their first official release. Treeology EP contains 10 songs built with bouncy bass lines, hypnotic samples and piano loops. You can even hear the guys talk swiss german in their tracks.

Treeology EP is out now digitally via Feelin’ Music. Show the guys some love on facebook here.

mp3 | Woody Synth

mp3 | Untreeleted

new on the map | DUALIST INQUIRY

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It’s quite a rare thing that we feature musicians from India on guerolitomusic. I would even claim it did not happen before. But now this fact changes:

Dualist Inquiry is the brainchild and solo project of Sahej Bakshi, a producer who uses his guitar skills for mixing electronic sounds with reverbing guitar licks. And he’s doing it in such a ingenious way that I cannot stop listening to his smooth ambient tracks.

Keep this guy in mind, I don’t think this will be the last thing you’re going to hear from him. Check out some more songs over at his soundcloud.

mp3 | Qualia

mp3 | Orbital